While it may not look it, our evaporator has quite a story of its own. The evaporator was manufactured sometime in the late 1990s in Canada. It is a Waterloo-Small 3x12 evaporator with a 3x9 raised back flue pan and 3x3 front syrup pan. The evaporator was originally used in Canada and then sent to Lancaster, NH in the early 2000s where it was used for around 15 years until it was sold to Fuller Sugarhouse in Lancaster in trade for maple syrup equipment. Ryan’s Sugar Shack L.L.C. purchased the evaporator in June of 2017. It was then driven on a trailer 3.5 hours south to Chester, NH where it currently is in operation, still producing syrup after an over 20-year life



Ryan’s Sugar Shack L.L.C. Sugarhouse was designed based off designs made by the University of Vermont in the 1960s. The designs were adapted to bring it up to current building codes and altered for our purposes. The sugarhouse is a 16x24 wood framed sugarhouse with a 16x10 woodshed on the front and an elevated platform for exterior evaporator head tanks.

The project began in June 2017 when trees were taken down by Erik Keenan of Keenan Logging and Tree Care of Raymond, NH. The area was primarily white pine trees which were bought by a local company in Chester Forest Products. The trees that could not be used for lumber were used for firewood for the evaporator. The ground was leveled and gravel was brought in. A form for a floating concrete slab was made and the steel rebar, as well as, the reinforcement installed . Concrete was poured and construction of the building began in August of 2017. Construction was completed in October of 2017.


Our Commitment

Since 2013, we have produced the highest quality maple products striving to use the most sustainable production methods. In 2018 we received the New Hampshire Seal of Quality certification for our continued commitment to create the highest in maple product quality.